Airports in Germany

With duty free shops, excellent restaurants and cafes as well as a gang of other shops where you can stroll through and purchase lots of goodies before you have to board the plane to your much awaited vacation, German airports offer everything you need to prevent your waiting period from being a bore.

Frankfurt is Germany’s busiest airport with an excess of 57 million passengers passing through in 202.  Even more impressive is the number of people who call Frankfurt airport their place of employment, a staggering 75,000 people. This makes Frankfurt airport the largest employment base in Germany. And because pet lovers dread leaving their pets at home, and instead, travel the world with their cuddly creatures by their side, Frankfurt sees over one hundred million animals per year. With over 8,000 pieces of luggage passing through the airport every hour, it’s no wonder that the number of employees is so high.

The Munich Franz Josef Strauß Airport is right behind Frankfurt when it comes to busyness. There’s always something going on in Munich’s Airport and thus they have to accommodate this with around the clock service. Yes, the Munich Airport is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And just like Frankfurt Airport, Munich has tons for its visiting travelers to do while waiting on their flights. There is no shortage when it comes to souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes and other duty free items. If you’ve got a bit of time when you land in Munich and have quenched your coffee thirst with a rich Starbucks latte, consider going on a tour of the airport, where you’ll be able to see over forty parts of the airport and learn some super special secrets from your tour guide.

Düsseldorf airport is located a mere nine kilometers from the city center. It is Germany’s third largest airport and hosts a number of stores and restaurants to keep travelers occupied before they take off to their desired location. If flying gives you the shivers, and you just can’t seem to overcome the fear of being so high in the sky, Düsseldorf Airport offers just the right thing for you. Make your way to the service desk and they’ll be more than happy to give you some tips on how to conquer your fears, or perhaps even counseling if you’ve got enough time.

Being found in 9, makes Hamburg Airport, the grandpa of German airports. The oldest, and fifth largest airport in all of Germany had over one hundred and fifty thousand incoming and outgoing flights blessing the runways in 200. They offer direct flights to numerous locations including New York City, Dubai and Toronto, making it a popular destination for people planning on vacationing in these areas.

Köln Airport secures the number six spot for busiest airports in Germany. However, be careful where you get lost, as you may end up spotting one or two aliens if you stray into the wrong areas because Köln airport is indeed a landing base for NASA’s space shuttles.