Buying furniture in Frankfurt am Main

Thinking about taking a jog to the furniture store? Don’t. But what if it’s summer and it’s just really nice outside that you don’t want to resist? There are two main reasons why you should opt for getting in the car and starting the engine when your final destination is a furniture store. Your primary reason will be that unless you really do live around the corner, you’re probably looking at a pretty long journey, even when there are a couple buses or trains included. In addition, you’ll have to ask yourself what happens if you find something that you just can’t afford to leave behind.

When furniture shopping, a car is a necessity, there are no ifs ands or buts about it. Many furniture stores offer a hanger, so if you do find an item that can’t fit in your car, and you want to take home right away, you’ll be able to rent one from the store, attach to your car and be on your way.

Phone: 069 2056

Segmüller, the home of furniture for your home, is one location that you will want to add to your spots to visit when needing to furnish your Frankfurt am Main home.


Address: Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 32



Yellow Möbel

Their selection is rather limited and thus if you’ll want to keep your options open for the pieces that you can’t find here. However, it’s definitely worth it to check out this store, because they do have items that would most likely be a great addition to your home.

Phone: 069-40 56 26 50


Address: Hanauer Landstr. 208

6034 Frankfurt



If you’re someone whose home thrives on uniqueness, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t make a trip to Ikarus. You’re more than guaranteed to find something or things that you love.

Phone: 069 943 820


Address: Hanauer Landstraße 36

6034 Frankfurt am Main