Buying furniture in Gelsenkirchen

Moving to Gelsenkirchen is the perfect time to get pumped about buying new furniture. But no matter how excited you may be, it’s also necessary to know that with all this excitement comes a little downside. For starters, there’s the actual moving process which can be hectic, even if all you’ve got with you is your suitcase filled with clothing. The second part of stress may come with the realization that many furniture stores  take approximately three months to have the products to your doorstep. While this is inconvenient for many, it can be avoided through proper planning and preparation. Renting furniture to begin with is a wise and affordable option as you won’t have to live in an empty apartment during the delivery period, but instead, you’ll have all you need for those first few months until your handpicked items have made their way to your new Gelsenkirchen home.


Einrichtungshaus is a wonderful furnishing option. This furniture store is home to brands such as: Lifetime, Naos, D’Tec, Cattelan Italia, Gwinner, Nehl, Cor, Porada and a lot more. Prices at Einrichtungshaus range from medium to high.

Phone: 0209 – 4 8


Address: Schalker Str. 80-84 4588 Gelsenkirchen



Roller is very popular not only in Gelsenkirchen, but throughout Germany. With affordable prices and a wide range of products, it’s a place where one can spend an enormous amount of time looking at the products they have to offer.

Phone: 0209/70000-0


Address: Willy-Brandt-Allee 66

4589 Gelsenkirchen


Möbel Falk

The great thing about this store is the direction they take where individuality is concerned. You won’t only be able to find designer furniture at MÖBEL Falk, as they also offer customization, making your furniture more unique and more suitable to your needs upon your request.

Phone: +49 (0)209-39 93


Address: Horster Str. 3-33

45897 Gelsenkirchen-BuerHorster