Buying furniture in Heidelberg

Are you moving to Heidelberg? Congratulations, it’s such a fun and exciting city that’s full of life. One of the things that you can’t forget is that you’ll need to furnish your home. Granted, with all the beauty that the city has to offer, you’re probably wondering why on earth you’ll need to furnish, after all, you could just live under the stars, taking it all in. Well, the winter gets cold, it gets so cold that at times you wish you could just admire all the beauty from your window, never having to step a foot through your front door. In these moments, the couch or your bed, along with a nice thick blanking will be your touching stone.

If you arrive in Heidelberg in the winter, one mistake you won’t want to make, is taking the bus or train or attempting to walk to the furniture stores. It will be a long, dreaded walk, believe it! The majority of the times, furniture stores are freestanding buildings, a lot of them resembling a chic warehouse with a grandiose parking lot in the front. What this means is that they aren’t typically found in city centers and thus you may be looking at having long waiting times for the bus and train in the not so friendly winter weather. Take your car, have a friend drive you, rent a car, but don’t try to walk or count on public transportation, unless you really don’t live too far away.

Here are some wonderful furniture stores in Heidelberg that you should definitely make a trip to:


Phone: 0 62 2 / 3 22 0


Address: Hertzstraße 8

6926 Heidelberg



Phone: 0622 – 836425


Address: Grenzhöfer Weg 3



Stilhouse- Design

Phone: 0622 – 98536 0


Address: Brückenkopfstr. / 2, 6920 Heidelberg