Buying furniture in Ludwigshafen

When going furniture shopping in Ludwigshafen you’ll want to take your car with you. It’s no secret that the majority of furniture stores you will find in the region are not exactly centrally located and thus if you don’t live right across the street, you may be looking at long and harsh times enduring bus and train changes just to get there. It makes sense really, after all, many of the furniture stores are rather grand and it’s pretty difficult to find a store in the city center that will be able to house the amount of items that they display on the floor.

When taking your car, you won’t have to worry about parking, as the parking lots of furniture stores are typically rather large and thus there is more than enough space for you to secure a spot right in their parking lot. However, on the weekends, things may get a little jammed and thus, you’ll perhaps want to set your trip for before midday in order to avoid the crowd.


Phone: +49-(0) 62-59 6 57-0


Address: Ludwigstraße 38

D-67059 Ludwigshafen


 Möbel Boss

Phone: 062/69080


Address: Industriestraße 57

67063 LudwigshafenIndustriestraße



Phone: 062/579 289-0


Address: Oderstraße 3 6707 Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim


Make furniture shopping an adventure. You never know what wonderful sights you may come across when driving through Ludwigshafen. Perhaps you’ll even stumble upon a few antique shops on your way around. But whatever, you do, take the car, there really is no point in having to endure the stress of taking a few buses just to get to the furniture store. On the other hand, if you do happen to live within close proximity to a furniture store, then that may be the perfect opportunity to get the bike out and get some cycling in.