Buying furniture in Nuremberg

Assembly services are somewhat of a life saver, or perhaps more of a finger saver. Depending on the type of furniture you are purchasing and how much work will need to go into assembling them, you’ll want to find out from the furniture store you have purchased from if they offer assembly. Why? Because assembling often turns out a lot difficult than one imagines. You may not only be looking at smashed fingers but also broken glass, frustration and possibly a wall unit that looks like it’s been hung in the ‘crooked house’.

Having a representative from the furniture store where the item was purchased is the best way to go because more than likely, they have had their fair share of practice and you can be certain that they won’t ruin your product. They’ll know just how to handle it and things will go a lot faster than if you had done it yourself or hired someone who’s unfamiliar with the furniture to take on the job.

Möbel Werner

Also equipped with a kitchen section, Möbel Werner offers competitive prices and a store where you can find just about everything you will need to get your home up and running in comfort and style. They’ve been in operation for over 50 years and have gained an astounding reputation in Nürnberg.

Phone: 09 – 423 524 3


Address: Dianastr. 96-00

9044 Nürnberg


Stöckl Möbel

Their online store doesn’t display images of the products that Stöckl Möbel has to offer, but it’s worth taking a stroll in to see if you like what they have to offer.

Phone:  09 / 58 06 77 0


Address: Neumeyerstr. 2

904 Nürnberg


Segmüller Nürnberg

Segmüller has quite a few locations throughout Germany in cities such as Freidberg, Mannheim, Stuttgart and of course, Nürnberg.

Phone: 09 5400-0


Address: Laufamholzstraße 72

90482 Nürnberg-Mögeldorf