Buying furniture in Offenbach

How much are you willing to spend on furnishing your Offenbach apartment? An arm? A leg? Not too much but just enough?

One of the most hectic costs that come with moving is funding the move. Especially when transitioning into a whole new country, you may more than likely need to purchase furniture. However, though the expense may not be a small one, it definitely does not have to be one that cripples your finances.

In order to better accomplish savings where furnishing your apartment or home in Offenbach is concerned, you’ll have to do some shopping around. This will enable to you determine what stores have better prices, where you can get a better deal and which ones should only be shopped at for one or two unique pieces.

But where do you get a bargain in Offenbach?

There are no shortages when it comes to furniture stores in this city. A quick Google search will lead you a wide range of options.

Take a look at these three stores to better familiarize yourself with what the market has to offer:

Möbel Maith

Here you can find furniture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and garden. The cost of furniture is relatively low thus making Möbel Maith the perfect place for those with a low budget.

Phone: 069 8620


Address: Strackgasse 2, 63075 Offenbach Bürgel


Möbel Boss

Möbel Boss has over 00 stores in Germany offering low prices that won’t let your budget scream. You can also find accessories for your home such as: lamps, carpet, pictures, frames, lighting fixtures etc.

Phone: 069/8300480


Address: Odenwaldring 0

63069 Offenbach am Main


Gebraucht Möbel Offenbach

If you’re looking for a very affordable option then this company is the one you want to head to. They have used furniture at prices that can only be described as ‘a steal’. Once you’re ready to head back home, you have the option of selling your furniture to them.

Phone: 069-89 99 03 55


Address: Odenwaldring 86

D-63069 Offenbach/M.