German courses for expat women in Frankfurt

Many companies in Germany arrange language courses for their foreign employees and seem to forget the needs of the employees’ family members.

While in German companies often English is sufficient for communicating with colleagues and customers, expat women at home have to master their everyday life in German. Shopping, talking to kindergarten staff, visiting a doctor can become real challenges without sufficient language skills.

As a consequence, life in Germany can become complicated. It may be difficult to get to know people and everyday life can be limited.

The language school Understanding German-y addresses women who moved with their families to the Rhein-Main-area and want to know more about Germany and the German language.

It offers a combination of language learning and integration for women who want to have a smooth start in their new environment.

Through Understanding German-y language students gain an insight into the German language and the German way of life.

Who are “the Germans”, what drives them, how do they spend their weekends, what do you say to other women on the playground …? Everyday questions will be answered with a practical orientation, you will not only marvel at Germans but you`ll become acquainted with them.