Getting Your Vehicle Registered and Insured

German Vehicle Registration & Car Insurance

When you purchase a vehicle in Germany, you will be required to have proof of ownership (Autozulassungsstelle), and car insurance before you can register the vehicle. These documents must be taken to the local motor vehicle registry.

All vehicles in Germany are required to pass a safety inspection. For new cars this begins when the car is 3 years old and for all others, inspection is required every 2 years. These safety inspections are not what Americans are used to. The inspections are strict and thorough, examining every part of the vehicle. They are conducted nationwide by the Technischer

Überwachungsverein (TÜV):

Third party liability coverage is required on all vehicles using German roads. This coverage protects against personal injury, vehicle damage and property damage. Just as in the US, if you purchase a new vehicle, your financing institution will require you to carry comprehensive and collision insurance, as well.

Vehicle insurance pricing reflects the same basic considerations as in the US.

The price will depend on your driving record (US record is used for expats), age of the drivers, type of vehicle, and whether you live in a rural or urban area.