Hamburg English Theater

Hamburg is home to the oldest professional English theater in Germany, The English Theater of Hamburg. Plays in all genresare shown in English.

There are some cinemas (kino) in Hamburg which present films in their original language, often with German subtitles. Films are not always in English, as they do offer screenings in French, Spanish and Japanese. Hamburg boasts 24 cinemas total, from small neighborhood venues to large scale chains like

CinemaxX and UCI Kinowelt. Savoy Filmtheater is another excellent choice.

Art house cinemas show film series or independent productions including the Holi, Abaton and Metropolis.

Don’t neglect to check the open air cinemas in the summer. Other metropolitan areas in close proximity to Hamburg also have cinemas which show English language movies; these include Kommunales KinoLubeck and SCALA Programmkino.

Several film festivals with offerings in their original language are held annually, including, Filmfest Hamburg, Fantasy Film Festival and the Lesbian and Gay Film Days Hamburg.

For a great listing of film and theater offerings in Hamburg, check the Szene Magazine or its online database (website is in German).