Health Insurance in Germany

Because it is mandatory to have medical insurance in Germany, this is one of the first things to put on your to do list when you arrive. There are 3 basic options for health insurance.

For expats, generally the employer will offer coverage just like in the US. In all cases in Germany you, as the employee must pay 5.5% of your wages for insurance each month. In addition to your regular premium, mandatory riders for nursing care and other extended care can make the monthly premium grow quickly.

The state health plan is a government health plan for those who wish to choose it as long as they do not earn above the yearly threshold amount, and those without other insurance coverage. The state health plan operates on a co-pay per service basis, and is very cost efficient. Even expats and their families are eligible for this health coverage in certain circumstances. However, you do have to find supplemental insurance and pay for it, to cover other expenses, such as dental care, private hospital rooms or private doctors. Private health plans are also available. Many private insurers do not offer health insurance coverage to expats until they have lived in Germany for at least 2 years. Private plans give high earners, or those not eligible for the state health plan, another option in healthcare, and offer far more choices.

There are at least 40 different private health care insurers offering services in Germany.