High Times in Lower Bavaria

Lower Bavaria has three main cities which each has a character of its own. The areas include Passau, which is located in the southeastern part of Lower Bavaria, in the southwestern region there is Landshut, and last but by no means least Straubing, located in the north central area.

What to look out for in these cities:

Passau‘s brilliance starts with the three rivers, the Ilz, Danube and Inn, that pose as one of the major attractions of the city. It boasts numerous cafes and restaurants with comfortable, relaxing atmospheres where you can sit and enjoy delicious meals as well as take in the breathtaking scenery. The streets are narrow, adding even more character to this amazing place, where the Mediterranean feel is brought to new heights during the summer. Museums such as the glass museum, as well as the abundance of history captured within the walls of the Baroque style Cathedral makes Passau a place that’s hard to forget. This is a popular place amongst tourists, who enjoy Passau the minute they step off their cruise-ship, not hesitating to recommended it to their friends and families when they return home.

Landshut is popular for the Landshuter Hochzeit, with people planning their visit long in advance for the festival that takes place during June and July, every four years. This festival is not only brilliant because of its extravagant costumes, and parades, but also due to the history behind it all. Those participating in the Landshuter Hochzeit are native to the region and take pride in the representation of the wedding ceremony between Bayern’s late Prince Georg and Poland’s late Princess Hedwig. This event hosts a lot more things to keep you occupied, ranging from plays, to concerts and pageants.

Straubing hosts, G√§ubodenvolksfest, one of the largest fests in all of Bavaria. This takes place during August when the weather is perfect to enjoy the day out in the open. The G√§ubodenvolksfest is great for the entire family. With numerous roller coasters and carousels, the children will have a heavenly time trying out all the rides. The festival last days, and is a great opportunity for beer lovers to try beer that is specially brewed in Straubing for the event. With over .3 million visitors, in 20, there’s no doubting that this event is both a popular and grand one. Other attractions in the area include the Straubing Zoo, the Church of St. Vitus, the Gothic Town Hall and the Gothic City Centre.

Lower Bavaria is a gorgeous place that offers something for the entire family. Whether you’re planning a day trip or hoping to stay for a couple of days, you will without a doubt have a great time, and build tremendous memories in a place that is rich in culture and historic architecture. To be able to get the most out of your trip, plan a visit during the summer, when the weather is just right, and there’s still a lot going on to keep you occupied.