Individual and Local Sports in Germany

Leading a healthy lifestyle is something that we all want to do. It starts with designing our meals a little differently and taking on a new sport, or just going out for a jog every once in a while. Once you’ve moved to Germany there’s no doubt that you’ll want to continue being fit and putting in your hours of physical activity. Or perhaps you’re just taking up sports as a new years resolution or just a sudden consciousness. Whatever your reason is, it’s a great idea.

Surely you’ll see all these Germans running to the train, walking home, and pedaling away on their bikes in the height of winter. Of course, you too could do the same. You could skip taking the car everywhere and get a bit closer to the German culture by walking to pick up bread rolls in the morning, taking your bike out to do the grocery shopping or going for after breakfast, lunch and dinner walks. However, if you’d like to challenge yourself a bit more, then you could really get your gear together, sneakers tied up tight and head out for a nice run.

Running in Germany will be a breeze. The paths are there, outlined to perfection for your fitness. There’s a lot of scenery, a lot to take in and especially when you haven’t been in Germany for a while, everything is new and exciting. You’ll love taking on new routes every time you head out, and you’ll possibly even meet a couple other runners who you can schedule your training sessions with and get a bit of company on the otherwise lonely paths.

Riding your bicycle is another great way to get in shape. Rather than just seeing it as a means of transportation to nearby places, use it for longer journeys. You’ll be able to see so much more, learn new areas of the city, and get your body in shape.  There are designated bike lanes so there’s no hassle in wondering where to ride, where to wiggle through and how safe things are.

There are a large amount of gyms in Germany, with McFit being the most popular. Especially if you’re one to shy away from colder temperatures, this may be an option for you. The prices of a membership vary widely depending on where you go but are generally not very high. There are many great things about having a gym membership. Of course there’s the money aspect, once you’ve spent money on something you are more likely to take advantage of it. Secondly there’s the fact that gyms are indoors and thus you’ll be able to comfortably train regardless of what the weather outside looks like. Another wonderful thing is that you will be able to make new friend and possibly even find someone to collaborate your sessions with to make them a bit more fun. If you’re lucky, this person will be a gym enthusiast and won’t hesitate to give you the right motivation to keep going week after week.