International School in Seeheim

Why choose an international school?

You’ve landed in Seeheim either for work or personal preference and now it’s time to get the kids and their backpacks together and have them putting their brains to work. But what school will they go to? Provided you are an English speaking family, you’ll perhaps want to ensure that your child practices his or her English. Especially if you are planning on returning home at some point in time, you’ll want to ensure that your child doesn’t lose their native language in the process of integrating into the German system. International schools are a great option. Not only will your child be carrying out their studies in English but also in German. Most International Schools offer a great mix of both languages and so you can be sure that your child will pick up German in no time at all, kids are in fact fast learners.

But of course you won’t want to be sending your child to a school only because of the languages offer. You’ll want to ensure that the overall education is great and that the atmosphere is just right. Your child will be spending the majority of his or her day in school and thus comfort is essential. You’ll want them to have fun and feel like they belong. There’s no fun in having to drag a child kicking and screaming to school every day and worrying about their happiness all day long.

The transition is a big one, and the would have left behind all their old friends to tackle this new country with you so you will want to ensure that they come out happy and victorious.

The Schuldorf-Bergstraße and the State International School (SISS)

Founded in 2005, the State International School Seeheim is relatively young. This is a wonderful public school located in Seeheim where German and English are the main languages practiced but English remains the primary instructional language. The staff consists of both native English and native German speakers and the children get a good mix of both languages. The class sizes are rather small with a maximum of twenty students per class. Starting from preschool SISS educates up to Secondary school.

Students who attend SISS will be subject to the International Primary Curriculum where they will be adequately prepared to succeed for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and also the International Baccalaureate or depending on their preference the German Abitur (German high school diploma). This school is a great option as parents will not have to pay high fees for the quality education their child will be receiving. SISS is indeed a public school which means there are no costs outside of the monthly 300 euros for after school care. Student will also receive meals and be able to partake in extracurricular activities.

For more information on SISS check out their website at:

Be sure to give them a call and schedule a date where you and your child can visit the facilities.