Internet and Phone Service in Germany

Just like the rest of the world, there are a number of options for telephone and Internet service in Germany.

Phone Service

While residing in Germany, most people have land lines in addition to their for cell phones. Cell phones are obtained in one of three ways: pre-paid service, monthly payment plans and a one-time prepayment renewable at your discretion. Be aware that cell phones which are on a contract basis in Germany are generally on a 24 month contract. When you relocate to Germany, it is highly likely that your current cell phone will not work there. Remember that, like American pre-paid phones with SIM cards, those available in Germany are locked and only a SIM card from the same service provider will work in them. You cannot simply remove your American SIM and place it in a German cell phone.


Internet in Germany is as widely available as it is in America. You can choose a DSL line or broadband service through cable television providers. In addition, there are large areas where public Wi-Fi is free and readily available.

If you choose a landline telephone, it is sometimes less expensive to bundle your internet service and telephone together. Most cell phone providers include Wi-Fi service with your phone. Allin all, telephone and internet services in Germany are not all that different from what you are accustomed to.