Prostitution in Germany – The Top 4 Crazy Facts

Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession in the world, and it is not a surprise to find it well and alive in one of the oldest nations on earth. What most people do not know about Germany is that it does not only produce great cars and geniuses, it also is among the most liberal nations when it comes to prostitution. Now, of course as an expat, you might not be after prostitutes but knowing a thing or two about prostitution in Germany can help you impress your folks back home. Below are the Top 5 incredible and crazy facts about Germany and the world’s oldest profession.

Fact # – Prostitution in Germany is Legal

Yes, you’ve read that right. Not only is prostitution legal in Germany but it has been legal for nearly 90 years, having been legalized in 927, although another law in 2002 disputes the 927 date. More so, brothel ownership and pimping are both legal too (hey this could be a job idea you know!).

Fact # 2 – Prostitution in Germany is a Major Industry

And we mean MAJOR. It employs over 400,000 sex workers and caters to over .2 million customers on a daily basis. This generates a revenue which is estimated to be around 6 billion euros per year, which is roughly the same amount of money that giant companies like Adidas and Porsche makes.

Fact # 3 – Prostitution in Germany Offers Benefits to Sex Workers

The government passed laws that offers protection to the prostitutes from exploitation and violence, including legalized contracts which can be established between clients and prostitutes. More so, the legalization of prostitution in Germany now means that the sex workers gets to enjoy the perks reserved to those who work a regular 40 hour week. Because a portion of their income is withheld by the government to pay for social benefits like health insurance and pensions, being a prostitute in Germany is as good as having a stable 9-5 office job in most parts of the globe.

Fact # 4 – Prostitution in Germany is Cheaper than Dinner and a Movie

Getting a sex worker to spend time with you costs only 20-50 euros, depending on location and time of the day or night. Prostitutes can be found in brothels, in lined up booths or tents, and on the streets. The drawback maybe is the fact that the prostitutes would not tolerate chit chat and will only spend whatever time is necessary to give the customer the service being paid for, but for the price of a meal, no one is complaining.

Prostitution in Germany is certainly evolving over the past decade, with laws being implemented to protect both the sex workers and the customers, it has still been the topic of debates and protests. As an expat or soon to be expat in Germany, getting to know the country intimately (no pun intended) is the best way to ensure you’ll enjoy your stay.

DISCLAIMER: This blog article does not intend to mock prostitution nor to advocate it but merely to provide information in a light-hearted manner.