Recommended Frankfurt International Schools

If you’re moving to Germany with your children in tow, one of your biggest priorities will be to find the perfect school for them. International schools are becoming increasingly popular, as they cater to the high demand of expatriates’ families.  

Here’s a list of our top choices in Frankfurt:

·     European School of Frankfurt—Most popular with European families and those whose parents work for the European Central Bank.

·     Frankfurt International School—Located in Oberusel, students from over 50 nations attend here from elementary through high school.

·     International Bilingual Montessori School—In Frankfurt’s Westend, this school educates children in both English and German.

·     International School of Frankfurt—Taking children from kindergarten up through university level grades,this school is in close proximity to just about anywhere in Frankfurt.

·     International Montessori School—Beginning at the 5th grade level, this school offers bilingual courses.

As more and more international schools continue to pop up throughout Germany, finding the perfect place for your children should be fairly easy. Keep these suggestions in mind as you’re exploring your options for safe and welcoming neighborhoods for you and your family.