Rent a Kitchen in Germany

Did you know that an unfurnished apartment in Germanyliterally means unfurnished—All the way down to the kitchen appliances? With so many people relocating to its major cities for the booming auto and tech industries, it’s becoming more and more important for kitchen appliance rental.

Whether staying temporarily or moving altogether for your job, you’ll need a fully operating kitchen.  Some migrants choose to purchase brand new appliances and gadgets, but find that they end up waiting up wards of three months for delivery!  Rather than waiting around, think about looking into short- or long-term rental options for kitchens, furniture, appliances, and accessories. Ease the transition into your new home. You can have your rental appliances delivered to you in no time. And when it’s time to leave Germany, have your rental service pick up your appliances and just like that, moving became less of a burden.