Rental Mistakes to Avoid – 2

Moving to another country is tricky enough, let alone the aggravation of finding an apartment at a fair price.  Rather than allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, remember a few key mistakes, and know how to avoid them:

●     Before signing a contract—Know the specifics from when rent is due to what your rental should look like when you vacate.  Remember it’s a contract, which should be taken very seriously.

●     Inspect your new flat—Making note of every scratch, dent, and tear is important for your records and your landlord’s.  You both need to be aware of even minor things so you can avoid being responsible for them.

●     Lessee Responsibilities—This can include garbage removal, lawn maintenance, utilities, and even maintenance of certain common areas.

●     Expenses for vacating—What will you be required to pay for?  Often times it’s carpet cleaning, painting, and new small fixtures.  Make sure you’re aware of what is required of you.

●     Keep a copy of the contract—In your native language.  Even get help from someone who speaks your new country’s native language to be sure that you know exactly what you’re signing.

●     Renting fully furnished apartments—Not only is it difficult to come by, it’s far more expensive than an empty flat.    Short- and long-term furniture and appliance rental is an option to consider, and often makes the most sense in the long run.

Do you have other tips for your fellow expats?  Join the conversation!