Swiss License and Registration Requirements

Due to the wide geographic diversity of Switzerland, driving around the countryside requires a bit of diligence on the motorist’s part. This is due in part to the ever-changing environments, like that of a small mountain road to a much larger motorway. Because of these environments, the rules concerning driving are often more complicated than in other countries.

Getting a Swiss Driver’s License

In Switzerland, if you are a foreign driver, you are permitted to use your license for one year. After this time period you must exchange your license for a Swiss one. Any driver who does not end up applying for a Swiss license within their first year must pass a driving test. The minimum age for driving is 8 for cars, and 4 for motorcycles less than 50ccs.

Getting Your Vehicle Registered in Switzerland

In each canton in Switzerland there is an automobile service that helps to issue inspections and vehicle registrations. When you move from one canton to the next you will need to send in your driver’s license and vehicle registration to this service for an update. Upon moving you will want to request a new license from the automobile service to your new canton within 4 days of your relocation.

In order to receive your vehicle registration documents and your number plates you should ensure you have your insurance certificate, a test report form 2.30A for a new vehicle and the registration of the previous owners for a used vehicle.

Typically the canton that is responsible for registering your vehicle is the one where the vehicle is based. This usually means where your vehicle is parked overnight or the same area of your residence.

Getting your license and registering your vehicle are the two most important steps for both new drivers and foreign drivers.