Urban or Rural – Austria’s Top Relocation Destinations

The beauty and diversity of Austria is one of the reasons many people relocate to the country. With the awe-inspiring Alps and the vibrant, cultural cities, it is easy to see the attraction. This diversity also raises an important question for many expats relocating to the country – Do I want to live in urban or rural Austria? 

I suppose the best way to answer this question is with another question.

What is your reason for relocating to Austria? 

If you are retired and you’re relocating to find a slower pace of life, or if you want to take in more natural beauty, then perhaps the rural areas are for you. However, if you are relocating for employment opportunities, or you want to be close to cultural events and festivals, then the city life may prove a perfect fit. 

Whatever your reason for relocating, here are two of the top destinations that other expats have chosen.


With a population of over .7 million people, Vienna is by far the most popular Austrian destination for visitors and expats. The city boasts more than 25% of the country’s population and a high quality of life rating. The city hosts many festivals and events each year and is bursting with cultural flare. There is a significant expat community in Vienna, so you will likely notice international influences as well.


The province of Tyrol is considered the “greenest” in Austria and is the least populated. Tyrol is at the heart of the Austrian Alps and contains the best ski resorts in the country, with the highest peak of 3797 metres. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure lifestyle with a serene backdrop, then the province of Tyrol will not disappoint.