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Glasgow Wardrobe 2er Grey

Closet overflowing to burst? Get this 100cm wide wardrobe to free up space in your closet. Simple design and grey color let this wardrobe fit in with any color palette in any room. Product type: Wardrobe Color: Grey Material: Wood Measures: 100 x 216 cm

Florida Wardrobe (101.9×58.5x215cm)

The timeless closet provides order in the bedroom. With its classic design, the wardrobe is a tasteful eye-catcher that fits harmoniously into the existing interior. Color: White Material: wood Dimensions: 101.9x 58.5x 215cm  

Drawer unit small

These spacious drawers are designed to maximise the storage potential of your wardrobe. They provide extra space you need for a variety of clothes and accessories. Material: Wood Color: White

Drawer unit for Boston wardrobe

These spacious drawers are designed to maximize the storage potential of your closet. They provide extra space you need for a variety of clothing items and accessories. Suitable for: Drawer unit for Boston wardrobe [Schubladenkorpus] Color: White Material: Wood    

Case Wardrobe

Organize your space with this clean and simple wardrobe. Beautiful alpine white finish. Product type: Wardrobe Color: Alpine white Material: Chipboard Abmessungen: BxHxT ca. 80 x 177 x 52 cm

Boston Wardrobe (152.2x65x215cm)

Boston sliding door wardrobe is a great storage solution for the bedroom. The closet convinces with a modern design. The sliding doors can be opened and closed via elegant handles to save space. At the same time, they glide gently and quietly to the side thanks to the rauch Easy Slide sliding door system. Color: White Material: Wood Dimensions: 152.2 x 65 x 215 cm