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Seaford Dining Table (160x80cm)

The table top has plenty of space to serve delicious food plus drinks for you and your loved ones. The melamine coated surface also gives the material robust as well as scratch resistant properties. Material: powder coated metal frame rough, black matte. Color: black, oak Dimensions: 160x 80x 74 cm  

Monti Dining Table (180x90cm)

This dining table impresses with its linear design language and classic color scheme. On a sturdy metal frame in black rests the approx. 180 x 90 cm table top made of clear glass. The material (thickness: approx. 10 mm) was hardened and promises maximum stability. Color: Black metal frame Material: Table top made of glass 10 mm, metal discs Alugar large Dimensions: 180x 90x 75 cm    

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