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Water Kettle

Easy to use 1.5L electric kettle. Anti-limescale filter to keep your water clean. Clear, easy to read water level indicator Product type: Kettle Color: Black Measures: 23×16,6×24,9cm

Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum Cleaner

Energy efficient and space-conscious vacuum cleaner. Micro-filtering technology eliminates small particulates. 4L capacity dust bag. Color: Blue and black  


Steam Iron

Adjustable heat and steam levels to keep all your clothes looking fresh. Energy-efficient. Ergonomic design. Product type: Steam iron Color: Blue and white


Hair dryer with adjustable air speed and temperature settings. Powerful airflow and quick to heat up. Additional attachment for styling. Product type: Hair dryer Colour: Black

Fire TV Stick with Alexa...

Simplify your TV experience. The Fire TV Stick simplifies the streaming experience with on/off, volume, and mute buttons on just one remote. Streaming is both simple and intuitive with Fire TV. It starts on the easy-to-use Fire TV home screen: browse content from different streaming providers - including channels and apps - to find what you want to watch.  



Grab the popcorn and pop in a movie in this DVD player. For your next movie night in. Color: Black Measures: 27x 20,9x 3,9 cm  


The great, black elixir of life: coffee. No day is complete without it. Make sure you've got a hot cup (or several) ready to go with this drip coffee maker. Color: Black  

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