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Washing Machine

14 different wash programs so all of your clothes can be cleaned to perfection. Spin cycle goes up to 1800 rpm ensuring a thorough wash. Energy effecient and long-lasting. Farbe: Weiß  

Mobile Dishwasher Unit

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Mobile Dishwasher Unit

The Kitcase Mobile Dishwasher is the ideal solution for those who don’t want to compromise on clean dishes while on the go. Whether you’re camping, in a motorhome, or on a boat – with this practical device, you can quickly and easily clean your dishes anywhere. Product type: Mobile Dishwasher Unit – Made in Germany […]



Elegant and compact design, ideal for various kitchen setups. 5 power levels, for more flexibility in the kitchen - from keeping warm to boiling liquids. Dimensions: 40x 48,6x 29 cm  

Ironing Board

Collapsible and height-adjustable ironing board. Smooth linen surface makes ironing a breeze. Safely store your hot iron on the built-in side iron holder. Product type: Ironing Board Measures: 130x45x98cm

Fridge-freezer combination

This freestanding refrigerator and freezer has all the basic functions you need. Thanks to the adjustable shelves, the interior can be completely adapted to your needs and thus offers enough storage space for your food. Transparent drawers provide a good overview. Dimensions: 56,5x 9,4x 143,8 cm  



Dry any of your clothes with this versatile dryer. 15 different cycles, including Permanent Press, Delicate, Fluff, and much more. Adjustable heat level. Very stable with less noise during drying. End-of-cycle signal. Color: White Measures: 63,5x59,9x84,2cm  

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