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Tottenham is characterized by its minimalist design and strict, clean lines. Its solid shape is very aptly emphasized by the slim base made of black metal. This sturdy and functional TV cabinet is made of fiberboard. Material: Wood fiberboard Color: oak Dimensions: 160x 39x 45 cm

Sintia TV Lowboard

Modern beauty and function. High gloss finish on white so it looks great as your living room centerpiece, as it should be. Product type: TV Lowboard Color: White Material: High Gloss Measures: 166.5x42x39.5cm

Riva TV Lowboard

Low-profile TV platform for your high-tech television. Open shelf for DVD player, game system, or soundbar. Closed-door shelving to store games, movies, etc. Product type: TV bench Color: Brown Material: Oak Measures: 171x43x47 cm

Oak TV Lowboard

Low-profile bench/stand for your flatscreen TV. Natural oak finish with beautiful woodgrain. Rustic flair with contemporary design. Color: Brown Material: Oak Measures: 171x 43x 31 cm

Kobe TV Lowboard

The Kobe TV-lowboard is a modern and stylish piece of furniture made of wood and steel. It provides ample space for your television and other multimedia devices. The stand features open compartments and drawers for convenient storage. The white finish gives the stand an elegant look. Material: Wood, steel Color: White Measurements: 120 x 41.8 […]

Elise TV lowboard brown ACT

A trustworthy platform for your television. Natural woodgrain goes great with any decor. Strong and stable materials. Product type: TV-Lowboard Color: Brown Material: Oak Measures: L: 180 W: 45 H: 46 cm

Century TV Lowboard

Set great accents with the TV table . The processing of high-quality materials and the great design distinguish this TV cabinet. Color: Brown Material: Wood Measures: 160x 38x 43 cm