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WeWork Mobile File Cabinet

Keep documents organized, safe, and secure with this metal file cabinet. Easy-roll drawers. Built-in locking system. Color: Black Material: Metal Measures: 30x 52x 60cm  

Transverse roller shutter cupboard UNI

The Querrollladenschrank Uni is a practical and versatile piece of furniture for your home or office. With its elegant white color and timeless design, it seamlessly blends into any decor. Product type: Cross shutter cabinet Color: White Material: Wood Measures: 100cm x 42,5cm x 77,7cm

Rolling Mobile File Cabinet

Produkttyp (Product type): Rollcontainer (Mobile container) Farbe (Color): Weiß (White) Material: Wabenplatte (Honeycomb panel) Abmessungen (Measures): 40x60x45 cm


Lockable wing cabinet

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